Chakra Healing with Essential Oils

Chakra Healing with Essential Oils

You have probably experienced essential oils in a spa, a massage, or use a diffuser to bring a pleasant smell in a room. But do you know, essential oils have properties that can balance your chakras?

Chakra healing with essentials oils uses the specific herbal properties to energise underactive chakras or to calm overactive chakras. Once your chakras are back to balance, you can keep them that way using essential oils for everyday balance. You can use essential oils in a diffuser or applied directly to your skin.

Essential oils have been used for centuries, but that doesn’t mean they are safe for everyone. Be aware that some oils may cause irritation or allergy if applied directly to your skin. If you have sensitive skin using your essential oils in a diffuser will be a better option. If in doubt always check with a professional aromatherapist. 

What Are Chakras?

Talking about chakras is talking about the flow of energy in our body. Ancient cultures understood the energy systems in the body and developed methods to work with these energies. Chakras form part of your energy body. The energy body has a vibrational frequency that acts as your life blueprint. 

Chakras are wheels of energy or vortexes in your body. The awakening of the chakras can raise the Kundalini energy, which leads to higher consciousness. 

Chakras as energy centres always have some energy passing through them. But, they may not be working at their full potential. 

They can have low activity, a balanced and healthy activity, or an overactivity. Underactivity or overactivity will bring unbalance to your body and mind. 

When the chakras are in balance, you are in harmony, your health is good, and life, in general, flows better. When the chakras are out of balance or blocked, you will experience emotional distress or disease. 

When your chakras are awake, your mind changes. You can have balance in your life and your relationships. Your whole being is in harmony, and you can experience fulfilment. By using mantras, meditation, pranayama, and asanas, you can bring your chakras to health.

The chakras act as intermediaries for energy transfer and conversion between two neighbouring dimensions. Chakras facilitate the energy conversion between the body and mind. 

All living things have a chakra system. In humans, the chakra system consists of 114 chakras; from them, 7 are the essential chakras and the ones most people know. 

Human beings follow a spiritual evolutionary path. The chakras are the way to achieve it.

Why Do Chakras Need Healing?

Your chakras need healing when the energy flowing through them is not at the right amount to keep it functioning properly. 

You can imagine your chakras as points at the centre of a road’s crossing, or as roundabouts where several streets converge. The energy flowing through the streets are energy channels, known as Nadis. When the flow of energy is too much, the chakra is overloaded. When little energy flows through the channels, the chakra is not activated. 

The energy from different parts of the body comes to a specific chakra.  When your body, mind and spirit are healthy, your chakras are in balance, allowing the right amount of energy to flow. 

When your chakras are awake and have energy flowing freely through them, your mind changes, you will experience harmony and fulfilment in your life. Your life and your relationships are in harmony. If all your chakras are active, you have the potential to experience a higher state of spiritual consciousness.

But when you experience physical or psychological traumas, your energy stops flowing freely, and you hold energy in certain areas or not enough in others. 

It’s possible to have one or more chakras out of balance. The inner wisdom of your body will try to heal itself and compensate for this disbalance. Unfortunately, it can get to a point where one area affects others.

You can support your body’s healing by using holistic techniques that will help you bring your chakras in balance again. 

You can use different techniques to free the energy flowing through the chakras. You can use yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, vegetarian diet and mantra chanting. 

Besides you can also enhance all or any of these practices by using specific colours, oils, stones and crystals, sound, and affirmations

What Is Chakra Healing?

Chakra healing involves the use of different techniques to bring balance to your chakras so that energy flows freely through them. 

Most of the chakra healing techniques are experiential. You need to try them, to know if they work for you.

Some people react better to sound therapy, for example. So for these people, Tibetan singing bowls could be helpful. Other people are more visual and meditation with yantras, geometrical chakra images, can work better. 

If you are an active person and need to move and sweat, yoga asanas for chakras can do wonders to bring balance to your chakras. If you are less active and want to relieve stress and bring peace to their mind, try meditation and mantra chanting

You can use colours and sounds to balance the vibration of your chakras. 

Stones and crystals will help you attract the right energy to the chakra. The stones or crystals will harvest a specific energy frequency and deliver it to the chakra for healing.

Food for healing chakras works with the vibration of the colour of the food and the chakra. The theory about food for chakras is that by eating food of the same colour of the chakra, you can bring that vibration to your body by eating it.

Affirmations will work by bringing the power of the thought and sound to resonate with the vibration of the chakra you want to achieve.

Whatever technique you choose will support you in your journey of chakra healing. 

Chakra Healing with Essential Oils

The idea of healing the chakras with essential oils is based on two properties:

  • Oils for having an energising effect
  • Oils having a grounding and calming effect on each chakra.

Aromas affect our the limbic system. They affect emotions, memories, behaviours, and physiological functions. In this sense, essential oils will have a psychological and physical effect on you. 

Each essential oil has specific herbal properties. Some of these oils have been used for centuries as an alternative medicine to treat some ailments. 

To bring balance to the chakras, you first need to know which chakra(s) is out of balance. Then you need to see if the chakra is underactive or overactive. 

Once you know if there is one chakra or more affected, you need to select the oil(s) to activate the chakra(s). Choose the oil(s) to energise, if the chakra(s) is underactive. Select the oil(s) to ground, if the chakra is overactive.

You can use only one essential oil or a combination of oils to balance your chakras, depending on their level of activity. 

Always use essential oils that are therapeutic grading or even better food graded.

Essential oils can be used directly on the skin, but you need to be careful because they may irritate your skin. If that’s the case, you can dilute them in another oil known as a carrier oil. A good carrier oil is almond oil. 

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know the right proportion of essential oil to balance the chakras. Most oils will have general directions of use. If you can, go to a professional aromatherapist or a chakra healing expert who works with essential oils and can do the right proportion mix for you. The proportion of mixing the essential oil and carrier oil varies. 

In general, using essential oils for chakras consists in: 

  • Applying the essential oil to the chakra area. 
  • Waiting for the essential oil to be absorbed before you put clothing on.
  • Thinking of attracting healing energy to the area of your body which is out of balance and enveloping your whole body with white healing energy. 
  • Enjoy the smell throughout your day!

Root Chakra Healing Essential Oils

The root chakra, also known as Mooladhara in the Sanskrit language rules your survival needs and stability. 

When balanced you feel secure, protected, you accept yourself, you are optimistic about life, and you trust life. If your root chakra is underactive, you will feel insecure, fearful. You may experience anxiety, depression, negativity and have a disconnection with your body. 

Physically when your root chakra is underactive, you may experience leg, feet, lower back and colon problems.

Use one of these essential oils to activate a sluggish root chakra: Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black pepper. These oils will bring you strength, grounding and a feeling of safety of being at home. 

When your root chakra is overactive, you will get easily angry and frustrated. You may have obsessive and possessive behaviours like jealousy. You may feel stuck in life, in a job, in a relationship and find the difficulty of letting go of them. 

To calm your overactive root chakra use Patchouli, Vetiver, Rosewood, and Ylag ylang.

An excellent essential oil to keep your root chakra in balance and use it every day is Bergamot. 

Apply the essential oil in the soles of your feet.

Sacral Chakra Healing Essential Oils

The sacral chakra or Swadhistana in the Sanskrit language is located just below the navel. The second chakra is all about creativity, sexual energy and connection with others. 

When your sacral chakra is healthy and balanced, you will express your creativity and your sexual energy. You will be able to have healthy relationships and connect to others. You will be independent and have self-disciple. You will have a passion for life and embrace change.

When your sacral chakra is underactive, you feel uninspired, doubtful and have low creativity and little interest in life.  You may struggle to make decisions, be afraid of change, and have low self-esteem.

Physically you may present reproductive disorders, urinary problems, menstrual difficulties in women, or sexual dysfunction. 

To activate your sacral chakra use Cardamon. 

An overactive sacral chakra will manifest with addiction-like behaviours; sex can also become an addiction. 

Use Neroli, Patchouli or Ylang ylang essential oils to calm an overactive sacral chakra.

Two good essential oils to use as everyday maintenance for your sacral chakra are Sandalwood and Sweet orange essential oils. 

Apply the essential oil just below your navel. 

Solar Plexus Healing Essential Oils

The solar plexus is your third chakra, also known as Manipura in the Sanskrit language. It’s located above the navel. 

A healthy and balanced solar plexus chakra manifests by strong will power, strong vitality, confidence, positive attitude and self-motivation. You will be confident and be in control of your life. 

You will experience an underactive solar plexus chakra as low self-esteem, lack of purpose, fear, anxiety, and inability to make decisions. 

Use Eucalyptus, Juniper, Pine, Ginger essential oils to activate your solar plexus chakra.

When you have an overactive solar plexus, you will experience anger and control issues. You may be over critical and perfectionist. Physically you may develop ulcers and digestive problems. 

To calm your solar plexus chakra use Vetiver, Helichrysum or Basil.

For everyday use to maintain your solar plexus balanced use grapefruit or lemon essential oils.

Apply the oil above the navel area and below the rib cage.

Heart Chakra Healing Essential Oils

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra known as Anahata in the Sanskrit language. If your heart chakra is balanced, you will experience a deep sense of love, compassion, inner peace and joy. You will love and accept yourself. You will be able to give and receive freely. 

When your heart chakra is underactive, you will experience fear, grief and deep sadness. You may tend towards depression, loneliness and be judgemental with yourself and others. You may sabotage your relationships because you feel unworthy. 

Physically you will experience problems with your circulatory and respiratory systems. 

Activate your underactive heart chakra using Palmarosa, Rose, Rosewood or Jasmine essential oil.

You may have feelings of hatred and anger towards yourself and others when your heart chakra is overactive. You will tend to feel betrayed, experience jealousy and trust issues. 

Use Lavander or Sweet marjoram to calm your overactive heart chakra.

To keep your heart chakra balanced everyday use Geranium essential oil.

Apply the oil in the chest area. 

Throat Chakra Healing Essential Oils

The throat chakra is also known as Vishuddhi in the Sanskrit language. This fifth chakra is located in the throat area. The throat chakra is in charge of all areas of communication, self-expression, and speaking your truth. 

When your throat chakra is underactive, you will struggle to express your thoughts and your voice will be weak. You will be unable to hear what others say, and your communication with others will be poor. 

Physically you may have thyroid problems, low metabolism, pain in your neck, arms and shoulders. 

To activate an underactive throat chakra use Lemon, and Lavender essential oil.

An overactive throat chakra will present as you speaking too much, and not hearing others.  You may find it difficult to empathise with others and end up being too direct, hurtful, or telling lies. 

To calm an overactive throat chakra use Vanilla or Chamomile essential oils. 

To maintain your throat chakra in balance use Coriander seed essential oil every day.

Apply the essential oil in the throat area. 

Third Eye Chakra Healing Essential Oils

The third eye chakra or Ajna in the Sanskrit language is the sixth chakra. The third eye chakra relates to your knowledge and inner wisdom. It’s in charge of your imagination, intuition, perception and memory. The third eye chakra connects you with the outer world. 

A balanced third eye chakra manifests by having a strong intuition to guide your life, having lucid dreams and good memory. You have a clear purpose in life, and you tend to follow your intuition without a doubt. 

When your third chakra is underactive, you will have a disconnection from your inner wisdom, and you struggle to trust others. You can experience depression, introversion, anxiety, and a tendency to judge yourself and others. 

Physically an underactive third eye chakra will present as vision problems and a bad memory. 

Use Rosemary essential oil for an underactive third eye chakra.

An overactive third eye chakra will manifest in headaches, stress, nightmares, visions and losing touch with reality. You will overthink and overthink everything.

To bring balance to an overactive third eye chakra use Chamomille or Lavender. 

To keep your third eye chakra in balance everyday use Frankincense, Sandalwood or Clary sage essential oil.

Apply the essential oil in between your eyebrows at the third eye point.

Crown Chakra Healing Essential Oils

The Crown chakra is your seventh chakra, also known as Sahasrara in the Sanskrit language. It’s located at the top of your head. The crown chakra is the point where you connect with the universal consciousness. 

A balanced crown chakra connects you with your purpose in life. You will have a balance between your intellectual and emotional self. 

When your crown chakra is underactive, you will experience physical and mental stress. You will feel disconnected from others and tend to isolate yourself. You may have strong feelings of attachment to material things. 

To energise an underactive crown chakra use Lime or Sweet lavender essential oil.

When your crown chakra is overactive, you will feel a disconnection with your physical body; you will be too much in your thoughts, you will be either thinking or daydreaming too much. You may feel away from reality, and you may lack empathy for others. 

To calm an overactive crown chakra, use Neroli or Vanilla essential oils. 

To keep your crown chakra balanced everyday use Frankincense or Sandalwood. 

Apply the essential oil to the top of your head.


Essential oils can be a fun way to balance your chakras and bring some lovely aromas to your ambience. You can also use them instead of perfumes.

Remember that not all oils are the same and that not all oils can be mixed. If in doubt, stick to using only one oil for each chakra. Check with an expert chakra aromatherapist to get a personalised oil chakra balancing kit.

There are other way you can heal your chakras when they are blocked. Which option you choose depends on your rhythm of life, and the effort you want to put into it. You can use one therapy or a combination of therapies that will enhance each other and support your chakra healing.

If you are an active person, you can try certain asanas for chakras. If you want to meditate and focus on healing your chakras, mantras and mudras can be an option, as well as sound healing.

You can implement food for chakras in your everyday life, as well as using specific colours for the chakras and even decorate your home with colours and chakra symbols as a reminder of your intention for healing. Whatever therapy you implement, do it with love. You will be attracting good energy to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Essential Oils Are Good for Chakras

Essential oils that have a therapeutic grading or food grading can be used to balance the chakras. The essential oil you use for each chakra depends on which chakra you want to balance and whether you need to calm, energise, or maintain that chakra’s energy.

Where Do You Apply Essential Oils for the Root Chakra?

You can apply the essential oil to the soles of your feet to bring balance to the root chakra.

Which Essential Oil Is best for the Throat Chakra?

The essential oil that you use depends on whether you need to energise, calm or maintain the energy of the throat chakra.
• To soothe your throat chakra use Vanilla or Chamomile essential oils.
• To energise your throat chakra use Lemon or Lavender essential oils.

How Do I Know if My Root Chakra Is Blocked?

When your root chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you will feel insecure, fearful, pessimistic about life and situations. You won’t have a sense of belonging to a place or a group, and you will have a disconnection with your body. You may experience anxiety, depression, irritability, aggression, anger and frustration. You may display obsessive and possessive behaviours like jealousy.

How Do You Unblock Your Root Chakra?

There are different techniques you can use to unblock your root chakra. You can use yoga asanas, pranayama, mantra chanting, mudras, sound healing, and meditation. You can also use specific essential oils, affirmations, wearing particular colours, using particular stones and crystals and changing your diet to a chakra diet.

What Is Chakra Healing?

Chakra healing involves the use of different techniques to bring balance to your chakras so that energy can flow freely through them.

What Happens When You Open Your Chakras?

When the chakras are in the open and balance, you are in harmony, your health is good, life flows effortlessly for you. You experience a deep sense of peace, contentment, compassion, love and acceptance for yourself and others,

What Happens When the Throat Chakra Is Blocked?

If your throat chakra is blocked, you will struggle to express your thoughts to others; your voice will have a low tone and be weak, you will feel constraint physically at the throat area. You may experience thyroid problems, low or high metabolism. You will struggle to be empathic with others and have a tendency to lie or hide your truth.

How Do You Heal Your Throat Chakra?

Your throat chakra is all about speaking your truth and communicating. So, you can heal your throat chakra by expressing yourself as much as you can manage. You can chant the HAM mantra for the throat chakra, do yoga asanas, meditate, wear blue colour, use stones, crystals, and essential oils.

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