How to Heal Chakras with Essential Oils

How to Heal Chakras with Essential Oils

Using specific essential oils in your everyday life can uplift your spirit and create an ambience of peace and harmony by bringing your chakras into balance.

You may be wondering how to heal your chakras with essential oils. To bring healing to your chakras, you need to:

  1. Know which chakra(s) is out of balance
  2. See if the chakra is underactive or overactive
  3. Select the oil(s) to activate/calm the chakra(s)
  4. Prepare the space
  5. Light candles to create a relaxing ambience
  6. Play music to help you relax
  7. Place clear quartz in the centre of the room
  8. Establish the intention for your healing session
  9. Apply the essential oil to the chakra area
  10. Lay down comfortably
  11. Think of attracting healing energy to your body
  12. Close your eyes and relax

In this article, we will look at what you need to do to balance your chakras with essential oils.

Essential oils have been used for millennia to bring wellness into people’s lives.

Essential oils are made from specific plants and from a particular part of such a plant. The chemicals that compose each essential oil act in synergy to bring unique healing properties.

It is believed that essential oils regulate our energy by stimulating or calming our chakras. Hence, bringing benefits to our mind, body and soul.

Know Which Chakra(s) Is out of Balance

The first step to healing your chakras is to know which one of them is out of balance. It can be one chakra or several chakras that may need to receive some healing.

When your chakras are out of balance, the unbalance will manifest physically, psychologically and spiritually. For example, you will experience:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Communication problems
  • Feeling unloved
  • Feeling lost 
  • Financial blocked

Each chakra displays specific symptoms when it is unbalanced. Knowing these symptoms can help you understand if that particular chakra is underactive or overactive.

If you want to recognise the specific signs that one or more of your chakras are out of balance, have a look at this article

See if the Chakra Is Underactive or Overactive

When a chakra is out of balance it means that the energy passing through this chakra is not enough, or it is too much.

We can consider it underactive when little energy is flowing through it, and overactive if it has too much energy passing.

Underactive chakras don’t perform their function to their capacity, they are kind of sluggish. While on the other hand, overactive chakras are overworking.

Different experiences in life can cause trauma, grief, and pain. The emotions we feel at the time are usually not processed and left hidden, so we manage to carry on with everyday life.

But, what happens is that the energy in our body is affected and stops flowing as it should, and chakras can become underactive or overactive.

Select the Oil(s) to Activate/Calm the Chakra(s)

There are several essential oils that you can use to balance each of your chakras. Select the essential oils you want to use for each chakra. Each essential oil has particular characteristics depending on the plant they are coming from.

It can help to know the properties of the plants to understand a bit better how the essential oil may be helping regulate the chakra in question.

Here we selected some of the essential oils we consider the best to heal chakras. You can use them by themselves or in combination in a blend.

RootAngelica Root, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli
SacralBergamot, Cardamon, Clary Sage, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Vanilla
Solar PlexusBlack Pepper, Cinnamon, Cypress, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Ginger, Lemon, Pine, Vetiver
HeartGeranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Rosewood, Tangerine
ThroatBasil, Chamomille, Peppermint, Spearmint, Elemi, Frankincense, Lavender
Third EyeAngelica Root, Sandalwood, Lemon, Jasmine, Bay Laurel, Elemi, Juniper, Rosemary, Vetiver
CrownCedarwood, Frankincense, Gurjum, Rosewood, Spikenard, Lime, Rose

To understand more about the properties of essential oils and how to use them check out our article on chakra healing with essential oils

Himalayan Cedar Essential Oil
Patchuli Essential Oil
Vetiver Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil

Prepare the Space

Preparing the space for a healing session is a process of love for yourself. You create a sacred space for you, where you can relax and enjoy being.

The space you choose for your healing session should be comfortable, quiet, and without drafts so that you can fully concentrate and be present.

You can include anything meaningful for you, a plant, a lamp, a comfy blanket, a paint, or anything with a positive association for you.

Start by cleaning the space physically and energetically. After you’ve done the usual cleaning, start cleaning the space from all energies by burning some incense and allowing the smoke to fill the space.

The incense recommended for cleansing the space are:

  • Palo santo, which clears all the energy of the space, both positive and negative. Be mindful that when using palo santo, you need to ventilate the area, and then invoke positive energy by burning white sage.
  • White sage, clears the air of energetic impurities.
Palo Santo and Sage Spray
Palo Santo & White Sage Spray
Dragon Incense Burner
Dragon Incense Burner
Smudge Stick for Home Cleansing
Smudge Stick for Home Cleansing
Back flow Incense Burner
Back flow Incense Burner

Light Candles to Create a Relaxing Ambience

Candles can help you create a warm and relaxing environment where you can fully immerse and let go of your worries. Candles have played a supportive and powerful role during prayer and meditation throughout the centuries.

Some say that candles represent spiritual energies and that influence your auric field.

When you light a candle for healing is important that you set an intention at the moment you light it, and ask the Divine power to help you in the healing process.

If for whatever reason, you cannot or don’t want to light a candle, you choose a lamp instead, such as a salt lamp. These lamps have a beautifully warming light, and the salt helps purify the air, both energetically and physically.

If you buy candles, I suggest you get environmentally friendly candles made of bee wax. They are good for you and the environment.

Frankincense Candle
Frankincense Candle

Play Music to Help You Relax

Music can contribute to an overall ambience of well-being. You can choose calm music to help you relax, you could also choose mantras and binaural beats for the chakra(s) you are working with.

Mantras can add an extra dimension of support to your healing journey. Mantras are considered sacred powerful sounds that can bring you in balance with the universe.

Binaural beats are said to alter the wave patterns of the brain. They are particularly helpful to reduce anxiety, increase focus, concentration and motivation, improve mood and memory and help to enter into deeper states of meditation.

Place Clear Quartz in the Centre of the Room

Placing clear quartz in the centre of the room or close to where you will be laying down during the healing session will help to attract healing and cleansing energies.

Clear quartz is known as the master healer. It is considered the best crystal to support healing, provide protection, and enhance communication. It works as an amplifier of positive energy so whatever intentions, wishes and desires you focus on when you work with clear quartz will manifest.

Even though clear quartz highly supports crown chakra. You can program clear quartz with your intention to bring overall healing to your body, mind and spirit.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Establish the Intention for Your Healing Session

Setting an intention for your healing session is one of the most important steps when you are having a healing session. An intention sets the direction and focus for the session, so all the energy is directed towards it. Otherwise, the energy is dispersed, and you still get some benefits, but not its full healing potential.

An intention is whatever that you want to achieve with the healing session. Give more power to your intention by connecting it with your feelings and emotions. Ask the Divine power to help you fulfil your intention.

By focusing and saying out loud your intention, you open the space and yourself to the healing process.

Apply the Essential Oil to the Chakra Area

When you work with essential oils for chakras, there are several ways you can use them. To do a healing session for all your chakras applying the essential oils to the chakra points in your skin will promote the healing more directly.

Just be mindful to wait for the essential oil to be absorbed before you put clothing on.

To support the healing achieved through a session, it is recommended to use essential oils diffused wherever you are in your home.

You can also use essential oils in bracelets or necklaces, which will support your chakra healing throughout the day and make you smell divine.

Before you apply essential oils directly to your skin, it is worth doing an allergy test in a small area of your underarm to see if you have any reaction to the oil.

Also, make sure you get your essential oils from a reputable source. Ideally, essential oils are to be organic and cold-pressed, or CO2 extracted.

Laser Engraved Diffuser
Laser Engraved Diffuser
Pottery Humidifier
Pottery Humidifier
Stone Diffuser
Stone Diffuser

Lay Down Comfortably

Laying down is not essential. However, it is the best way to relax fully and be completely open to the healing process.

When you lay down, your heartbeat slows down, promoting a calmer state where you can relax and reduce the stress you may feel in your everyday life.

So, having a comfortable place to lay down is recommended during a healing session. You can lay down on a bed, a sofa, or a mat on the floor. Whatever you choose, just make sure to keep warm.

Attract Healing Energy to Your Body

Attracting energy to the area that needs healing is highly related to the intention you set for your healing session.

When you focus on the area or the chakra that needs healing, the process is enhanced. If you have more than one chakra to be balanced, it can be hard to focus on different areas. You can choose to do a body scan, focusing on each area at a time, or you can imagine your whole body enveloped with white healing energy.

This is optional, as not everyone can concentrate enough on the areas, but just by having the intention, you will still get some benefits.

Close Your Eyes and Relax

The most important thing during any healing session is to relax and be open to the healing process.

Allow the oils to work for at least 10-15 mins.
Once you finish your healing session, remain laying down for a few more minutes to give you time to come around.

Be thankful to yourself for looking after yourself and making the step towards balancing your body, mind and spirit.

After your healing session, don’t talk to anyone, allow some time just for yourself and write down about your experience. Write down any memories that may have come, any feelings or emotions, or sensations.

Then, just enjoy the smell throughout your day!


In this article, we explored the things you need to do to heal your chakras with essential oils.

We hope that by now you have an idea of how to set up an essential oil healing session for yourself. As explained above, you need to know which chakras are out of balance before you start healing them.

You can learn to identify if your chakras are out of balance by recognising certain signs, have a look at this article to help you out.

Using essential oils is a whole science called Aromatherapy, we explored essential oils for chakras in more detail in this other article, as well as what you need to watch when using essential oils.

Now, have fun and start your chakra healing journey with essential oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which essential oils are good for chakras?

The essential oils you use depend on the chakra and its imbalance. Use essential oils that are stimulating or energising for underactive chakras, and calming oils for overactive chakras.

Where do you apply essential oils for chakras?

You can apply essential oils topically to the body, just make sure the essential oil is diluted in a carrier oil to reduce the risk of allergy. It is recommended to do an allergy test on your underarm to ensure you are not allergic to the oil.

Once you know you are not allergic, you can apply the essential oils to the area where the chakras are located.

How to use essential oils for chakras?

You can use essential oils using different methods, you can use diffusers to spread the smell all-around your environment. You could inhale it, by adding a few drops to hot water and then put your face at a safe distance where you can smell it directly but not close enough to be burned by the steam. Use a towel that can cover your head and the container with hot water and oil so that you get the most benefits from inhaling the vapour.

What chakra is frankincense good for?

Frankincense essential oil is good for the root, throat and crown chakra.

What chakra is lemongrass good for?

Lemongrass essential oil is good for balancing the solar plexus.

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