How to Balance Third Eye Chakra with Stones and Crystals

How to Balance Third Eye Chakra with Stones and CrystalsChakra with Stones and Crystals

Do you feel your life has no purpose? Are you too much in your head that is causing you headaches and sleeping difficulties? If so, chances are your third eye chakra is unbalanced.

People with an unbalanced Third Eye chakra suffer physical, emotional and spiritual issues. These issues can go from headaches, eye problems, hormone unbalances, ear issues, insomnia and poor sleep to having a disconnection from the world around you. Stones and crystals such as Blue Kyanite and Fluorite can help balance the vibration of your third eye chakra. These crystals resonate with a particular vibration, which excites the chakra and aligns it with that vibration.

In this article, we will explore what stones and crystals are good for balancing the third eye chakra. How you can prepare your crystals and space for a chakra healing session. In the end, you will understand what you need to do to perform your own crystal healing session.

1. Choose the Right Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra

Using stones and crystals for balancing the chakras is a technique known as Crystal healing. It forms part of a wide area of alternative therapies that are used for chakra healing, if you want to learn more about them check out this article.

There are different techniques to heal the root chakra such as meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, essential oils, mantras, mudras, affirmations, sound and of course stones and crystals. Here we will focus exclusively on balancing third eye chakra with stones and crystals.

Crystal healing is a technique which uses different types of crystals to balance chakras. When thinking of balancing your third eye, there are various crystals you can use. Consider those having properties that enhance clairvoyance and promote concentration to go inwards.

Dark blue and indigo healing stones and crystals support the energetic healing process and promote energy flow. Some of the best crystals for third eye chakra healing include Blue Kyanite and Fluorite.

If you plan to put your stones and crystals directly on your skin always buy tumble stones, also known as polished stones. They are slightly coated with polish, which provides them with a protective layer that stops them from reacting with your skin. 

If you are unsure whether a crystal may react or not with your skin, it is easier to buy the safest option.

Blue kyanite is a stone with gentle energy. This stone has the property of balancing your heart, throat and third eye chakras, it is all about self-discovery and support for your soul. It will encourage the general flow of energy throughout your body.
Blue kyanite stimulates the pineal gland and may activate some dormant psychic abilities you may have.

Using Blue kyanite during meditation provides calmness and tranquillity. It can balance your emotions and bring more logical thinking when solving problems, you will experience a boost in memory and logical thinking. It can also empower your mind and encourage your self-discovery.

It helps to lose any creative block and enhances your intuition by bringing confidence and belief in your inner voice. It can assist in opening your mind to new ideas and helping with your decision making. Your intellect will also benefit by enhancing your memory and allowing your mind’s process and information to flow. Fluorite can give you the confidence to follow your plan.

2. Clear the Space for Your Crystal Healing Session

Before you have a healing session with stones and crystals, you should prepare and clean the space. The space you choose to have a crystal healing session should be comfortable, quiet and without drafts so that you can fully concentrate and be present during the crystal healing session.

You may do the crystal balancing session yourself or ask someone to help you place the crystals on your body.

To cleanse the space, you can burn some incense and allow the smoke to fill the space. Incenses you can use to clean the space are:

  • White sage clears the air of energetic impurities.
  • Palo santo clears all the energy of the space, both positive and negative. Be mindful that when using palo santo, you need to ventilate the area very well afterwards. Then, invoke positive energy by burning white sage.

If you want to learn more about how to use incense and essential oils during your chakra healing session, have a look at our article on chakra healing with essential oils.

3. Cleanse and Prepare the Crystals

When you acquire stones and crystals, you should clean them from any energy they may have picked during their journey.

There are several techniques to cleanse your crystals, the safest way for any type of crystal is brown rice.

Use a glass or plastic container to avoid any reaction between the crystal and the material of the container. Place the rice in the container, and put the crystals on top, leave overnight. Discard the rice in the morning. This will be sufficient to clear the crystals from any energy.

Once your stones and crystals are cleared you need to charge them to unlock all of their energy. To charge them, you can place them under sunlight, this will excite the atoms in the crystals.

If you plan to place the crystals directly onto the skin, warm up the crystals under the light of a lamp, or place a towel on a heater and put the crystals on top. This can also be useful if there is no sunlight when you are planning to do crystal healing.

4. Place the Crystals in Specific Areas to Heal Your Third Eye Chakra

When choosing which crystals to use for third eye chakra balancing, consider the properties of each crystal we mentioned above, and see what you would like to alleviate, eliminate or balance.

If you are unsure as to what are the signs that your third eye chakra is out of balance, check out this article.

You can use one crystal or a combination of the crystals, depending on their properties, to balance the third eye chakra.

Lay down comfortably and make sure you keep warm during the healing session.
Place the crystals in between your eyebrows, your forehead and by the side of your ears. When healing the third chakra with crystals, you don’t need to place them directly on your third eye, as this can be uncomfortable. Instead, place the stones and crystals on the bed next to your ears.

You can enhance the effect of stones and crystals for the third eye chakra by wearing them as jewellery, carrying them in your bag or purse or simply spreading them around your home as decorations. Place the stones and crystals in the places where you spend most of your time.

5. Let the Crystals Do the Healing

During a crystal balancing session, be open to feeling and experience your emotions. Allow the crystals to heal your third eye chakra. Crystals can help you regain a sense of balance, focus and motivation in your life.

During your crystal healing session, you can choose to be in silence and observe the thoughts and feelings that come and go during this experience. You could also play a guided meditation, a mantra, affirmations or a binaural beat for your third eye chakra.

Let the crystals do their magic for 10 to 20 minutes (program a gentle alarm to wake you up in case you fall asleep or ask someone to let you know when the time is over).

Close your eyes and breathe deeply during your healing session. Connect to the crystals and the areas where they have been placed in your body. Be open to receiving their guidance, the more open you are, the easier it will be for you to connect with your inner wisdom.

6. Close Your Healing Session

Once you finish your third eye chakra healing session, clean your crystals from the energy they absorbed.

You can do this by using a glass bowl filled with a mix of citrine and hematite chips. Place the crystals you used during your session on the chips mixture and leave them overnight.

7. Reflect on Your Third Eye Crystal Healing Session

After each third eye chakra healing session, it may help you write down how you felt before, during and after the session.

When healing your third eye chakra, you may expect changes with:

  • Your perception
  • Your intuition
  • Physical improvement in ears, eyes and sinus if you had a present issue
  • Developing your psychic abilities and clairvoyance
  • Sleeping better

For the third eye chakra balancing and healing, you would observe an increased awareness, higher concentration and a calmer attitude of trusting the process of life.

If you plan to work through all your chakras, it is a good idea to have a journal. You can divide the journal into 7 parts with the colours of the chakras. So that, each time you do a session for each chakra, you can make an entry that includes the date, time, and the healing method (e.g. crystals, asanas, meditation, oils, etc.) As well as the emotions, thoughts, visions or whatever it is that you experienced before, during and after your crystal healing session.


The third eye chakra is the centre of our intuition. It is said that the third eye is the doorway to our inner wisdom and the higher universal knowledge. A healthy third eye chakra helps us embrace change and see life as a cycle with ends but also, new beginnings.

When the third eye chakra is unbalanced, it can create physical, emotional and psychological problems, as well as, sleeping disturbances. Using Blue Kyanite and Aventurine is a way to bring balance to your third eye chakra.

Be patient and consistent, keep your intention in mind, and be grateful to yourself to start this healing journey. Remember, you may not see improvements straight away, but this doesn’t mean it is not working, depending on your healing process, it could be a slow or fast process. Just be open to receiving the healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I balance my third eye chakra?

Several holistic therapies can assist you in bringing balance to your third eye chakra. You can use one or a combination of therapies such as meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, essential oils, mantras, mudras, affirmations, sound, reiki, and stones and crystals.

What stones and crystals are good for healing the third eye chakra?

There are several stones and crystals that you can use to bring balance to your third eye chakra. In this article, we spoke about two of the best stones and crystals to balance your third eye chakra, Blue Kyanite and Fluorite.

How do I choose the right crystals for healing the third eye chakra?

When choosing crystals for the third eye chakra, pick the ones that enhance concentration, and psychic abilities and bring calmness. The best crystals for third eye chakra balancing are Blue kyanite and Fluorite.

Where is the best place to buy crystals for chakra healing?

The most convenient place to buy your crystals is online, check reviews, cost of shipping, and time of delivery, and if in doubt, contact the seller to clarify. Also, check your local area for a specialised shop for stones and crystals.

How should I look after my crystals?

When you acquire your crystals, do an energy cleansing by placing them in a bowl with brown rice and leaving them overnight. Remember, do another energy cleansing after using them by placing them in a glass bowl with citrine and hematite chips overnight.

What benefits can I expect from healing my third eye chakra with crystals?

You will feel emotionally and physically stable, trusting your intuition and the higher wisdom from the universe to assist you in your decisions. You will have a clear purpose in life.

Where to buy stones and crystals for your third eye chakra?

You can acquire your crystals for your third eye chakra from shops online, just consider the time of delivery and the cost of shipping. Wholesalers tend to be cheaper if you plan to buy a large amount.
Usually, you can find minerals, stones and crystals in specialised shops.
The prices vary depending on the shop, the country of origin, the rarity of the stones and their uniqueness.
If you are on a budget, check places like eBay, or second-hand shops, and remember to energy cleanse your crystals straight away.

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