What Is Goat Yoga?

What Is Goat Yoga?

If you are after a new experience, you like to practice yoga outdoors and be close to goats. Then goat yoga is for you!

So, what is goat yoga? Goat yoga is a new yoga trend that uses small goats or baby goats during a class so that the goats jump on your back at any time while you are doing yoga poses. The yoga class with goats is usually slow hatha yoga. 

Goat yoga is one of those many new yogas appearing around the world. Whether some people consider it yoga or not, it’s certainly not traditional. Goat yoga can be fun and put you in contact with nature as it’s practised outdoors and in a place where goats are free. 

Is Goat Yoga Real?

Goat yoga sounds like something that is not even real. You may think of goats doing yoga, that would be interesting, right? Goat yoga started in 2015 in the USA. 

What Is Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is a new yoga trend that uses small goats or baby goats during a class so that the goats jump on your back at any time while you are doing the yoga poses. The yoga class with goats tends to be a slow hatha yoga. Goat yoga is usually practised in farms. 

A goat yoga class consists of selfies, pictures with baby goats, laughs and some yoga asanas in a position like downward dog, table pose, child’s pose with a baby goat jumping on top of you. 

Is this just a new crazy trend that makes yoga more fun? Well, maybe it is. Being with animals have a relaxing effect on us; it awakens a sense of nurturing, love, kindness and enjoyment of being close to them to pet them and receive unconditional love back. 

Goat yoga can help to relieve stress and bring some laughs. It’s certainly not the traditional type of yoga. You probably won’t want to do it every morning before going to work. But it’s a fun new experience to try and enjoy the weekend, for example.

Why Goat Yoga?

Doing goat yoga can be really fun. You will have a great time. It’s fun to be outdoors and try a new experience. You can organise a group of friends and go to a goat yoga class. 

Goat yoga is a social activity; you can practice it with your family, friends, and children. You don’t need to be super fit as goat yoga tends to be a gentle yoga. 

Goat yoga can be for you if :

  • You like animals
  • You enjoy being outdoors 
  • You don’t have allergies to animals, pollen, grass or something like that that could make you unwell. 
  • You don’t expect a traditional yoga class or meditation
  • You are ready for whatever the little goats may do with you or to you. Goats tend to leave little poo droppings everywhere so they may do that on your back or your mat. 

In return, you will get a super fun experience and the joy to play with the little goats. Goats are very playful and a little bit crazy, they don’t shy out and tend to be a bit cheeky. But they are adorable. 

Goat Yoga Class

Goat yoga classes are for everyone. It’s a beginners yoga class. You won’t sweat by the difficulty of the level, but maybe because the sun is shining. 

To attend a goat yoga class, you most likely need to book your space to make sure there are spots available. 

A goat yoga class usually lasts around 40 minutes to an hour. The goat yoga organisers tend to allow some time to take pictures and play with the goats before or after the class. You may be given some snacks to feed the baby goats during the class.

During the class, you will be doing some easy yoga poses; baby goats will be walking around and jump on you at any moment. If you hold a position for a long time, the baby goats may even get comfortable and have a little nap. 

Goat yoga farms tend to have some yoga mats available for rent if you don’t bring your own, so it may be better if you carry your own. Most classes tend to be outdoors, but some places offer indoors in barns or converted spaces suitable for goat yoga.

As yoga classes are taken outdoors, the weather is essential, so if it’s raining, the class is very likely to be cancelled. 

What to Wear to a Goat Yoga Class?

Any comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Depending on the weather, consider something warm to wear if you are practising outdoors. The best way is to do several layers of clothing which you can remove if it’s hot or that you can put on if it’s cold.

Also consider bringing a bottle of water, a towel and sunscreen.

Goat Yoga Poses

Goats yoga is more fun than comfortable, it won’t get you fit, but you will relax and laugh. Goat yoga is good animal therapy.

When the goat yoga class starts is a slow hatha yoga at a beginners level, it’s easy for everyone. A goat yoga class will include easy asanas like a downward-facing dog, plank, child’s pose, cat-cow, lunges, boat, upward dog, cobra, warriors, bridge, wheel, savasana and maybe some others. 

During the poses, goats can chew on your clothes, shoelaces, socks, or your hair. But, don’t worry, people are looking after you and the goats in case the cheeky baby goats are doing something naughty. 

Doing yoga poses while a cheeky little goat is roaming around you can be challenging. It will undoubtedly test your focus and concentration. 

Where do the Goats in a Goat Yoga Class Come From?

Some places that offer goat yoga have their farm and their own goats. They are looked after and treated like pets. Other sites hire the baby goats from farms just for the day of the class, so the life of the goats go as any other farm animal that will end up on a dinner table. 

Please find out where the goats in your class are coming from and how they get transported. Goats used to be with humans will enjoy the interaction and be happy in the class, but other goats that are treated like cattle may be scared and nervous to be in class with many people. It’s best to find out so you don’t contribute to indirect animal cruelty. 

Goat Yoga Benefits and Disadvantages

You may have to consider whether goat yoga is for you. So, let’s have a look at the benefits and disadvantages of goat yoga. 

Here are some benefits of goat yoga:

  • The therapeutic value of interacting with goats.
  • Releasing stress by being outdoors.
  • Breathing fresh air.
  • Having a good laugh.
  • Enjoying the silliness of having a goat jumping on you.
  • Trying a new experience.
  • Sharing the experience with your friends, partner, and children.
  • Getting a taste for yoga as an exercise.

Here are some of the disadvantages of goat yoga 

  • It may cause allergies to some people sensitive to animal fur, pollen, or grass. 
  • You will be disappointed if you want to get fit with goat yoga.
  • It depends on the weather, so it may not be an everyday practice unless the weather permitted.
  • You may have to book well in advance to get a space in a class.
  • You may not get the experience you may expect from a regular yoga class.
  • You may miss the meditation part of yoga.
  • There will be some pee and poo accidents on you or your yoga mat.
  • Baby goats may chew on you or your clothes.


Hopefully, you get a better picture of what is goat yoga and have made up your mind if this new yoga craze is for you.

Goats yoga has its benefits and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to balance if it’s for you.

The same as with any yoga, you will have to try it and see yourself if it brings benefits to your life. Because overall, that’s the aim of yoga to improve your well being and help you connect with your true self. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Point of Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga aims you interact with goats during your practice. You will enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air and be more relaxed at the end of the class.

Is Goat Yoga Safe?

Goat yoga is safe for you and the goats. Small adult goats or baby goats are used, so when they jump on you during the class, the weight won’t cause you and injury.

Does Goat Yoga Hurt?

It can be uncomfortable when a goat jumps on you. The hoofs of the goats are hard, so you will feel the hoofs pressing on your skin when the goat jumps on you. It won’t necessarily hurt you, but it may not be pleasant.

Do Goats Poop on You During Goat Yoga?

Goats may likely poo on you or your yoga mat during a class. Goat poo is made of little pellets that can be easily moved to the side. Goat yoga classes have people looking after you and the goats to clean these minor accidents.

Does Goat Yoga Exist?

It certainly does, and it has gained immense popularity across the USA. In fact, it has expanded to places all around the world.

When Did Goat Yoga Start?

Goat yoga started in 2015.

What Happens to Goats After Goat Yoga?

During a goat yoga class, goats usually come from two sources from the farm you took your yoga class or nearby farms. If the goats live on the farm, you took the class; they go back to their stable. Other goats are brought to the studios or fields where the yoga class takes place. Once the yoga class finishes, the goats are taken back to their farms of origin.

Do Goats Like Goat Yoga?

Goats that are used to human interaction like to play around with humans. Goats are curious, so they like to investigate who these humans are. Goats may not necessarily like yoga, but they like to play.

What Should I Wear to Goat Yoga?

Wear comfortable clothing. Use layers of clothing to easily take off if it’s hot or keep on if its cold. Choose clothes that you don’t mind getting damaged or dirty. Bring a towel and a change of clothes if there is a little pee or poo accident with your goat friend.

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